I need advice as to how to best compose a #3 hybrid for my iron set. I’m looking at the KE4 Tour TC hybrid club pak with the Rapport Core blue TS flex shafts. I have the STI2 irons with Modus 120X flex shafts + 1/4″ length and Crossline black midsize grips. Based on standard club lengths, it looks like I need the playing length taken down to 39.75″ to replicate a 3 iron with a graphite shaft plus my 1/4″ additional length. I’m concerned that will mess with the swingweight a ton.

So, my two questions are 1) Am I correct with my read on reducing the standard playing length by 3/4″ to keep gapping correct with my irons? and 2) How would I need to adjust the head weight to get back to the same swingweight feel of the irons?

I appreciate the help.

Britt Lindsey Answered question September 20, 2022

since you’re trying to gap the hybrid to match a 3 iron, you will come up with a challenge in Swing Weight on three fronts. The hybrid head is lighter than an iron head (reducing swing weight) and by reducing the length, that of course will bring down the swing weight also. the 62 gram grip is going to suck down your swing weight also.
My calculations say that if you play the above combination hybrid pack, you will end up with a SW of about C6. Your lucky though as you can always replace the weight in the back of the KE4 with a 12 gram to get it to D0 or a 14 gram to get it to D1. You could also put some HEAD TAC (CLHT) and lead/tungsten powder inside the head to bring up the swing weight even more.
Point to remember is if you’re decreasing the length of the hybrid to play more like an iron, I believe you’re going to make it play with a much flatter lie angle and the toe might dig some. I’m drinking a bit of basil hayden this evening and may be a bit off on this.
But, since you’re doing a club pak, You can specify length and request a swing weight and let the techs at Golfworks do the magic.

Good luck Owl