I am now 78 years old, have played Maltby clubs a lot. I’am playing st over size heads now with Fst 90 flex a/r 100g tipped to r flex. I have a A flex steelfiber  70cw shaft in a ts1 7 iron head l like it a lot,it goes to high. Only hit 6 iron 142 to 146 carry now going to A flex. Would like to know what shaft you would recommend between 70cw and the ust recoil 65g .355 tip shaft, which will play stiffer. I think st2 head will be better for me. It will be better to my eye going from over size head to smaller head, it also has a higher C.O.G. Than the st1 head to help keep traj. down. I may have to soft step shafts because shorter hosel length, can do that because only going up to 6 iron or maybe 5 iron.