looking for a better understanding of MPF and my issue is this, I have two sets of irons at this time Apex CF 16 and Steelhead XR both from 2016 I believe. The Steelheads have an MPF of 967 and the Apex MPF is 349 so it would be my understanding that these sets would play vastly different but for me they do not. Visually there is a slight difference in the top line and sole widths and about a quarter of an inch in blade length, the amount of offset is identical and the lofts are very close, so having said all that can someone please explain the huge difference in the ratings to me. thanks in advance, Confused

Thank you both for the responses, I will pay more attention to the side to side dispersion , but I have to tell you that the front to back dispersion actually favors the Apex….go figure