On the Market right now there are quite a few blade’s that our currently on the market with Direct to consumers brands like Sub 70 (649 TA 3), New level golf blade’s, Haywood blade’s ,Ben Hogan icon etc and then you have the Major OEM’s blade irons the new Mizuno 221 looks amazing etc . I would love to know the mpf rating on the Direct to consumers brands but any way I will patiently wait on the TS 4 blade for next season 2 things for sure it will probably have a higher Mpf rating than the others blades on the market and two a decent blade lengths not short and scary can’t wait!!Oh by the way The Haywood blade said they shorten the the hosel to boost forgiveness a higher moi probably started reading Maltby books lol ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Bill Answered question November 4, 2021