So my dads birthday is the 30th of August.. mine to to haha.. but he has the originally ping i3 irons.. I worked at golf Galaxy so I kind of felt him out and know what lie angle to get… I’m sure he would like a similar look so I’m stuck between the ptm and the forged…. Maybe ts1 but I know the spin is lower because of the hollow design… Just curious if. U guys have an idea to which seems to be the most similar look… He shoots 85ish and shots leak to the right so I will get 1 degree upright… What do u guys think.. this one guy reviews the ptm and all previews are subjective but the one thing that worried me was that his ptm was carrying 142 7 iron and mmb 17 was carrying 146 and that is a higher lofted club… I play the black mmb17… Any suggestions