Scott16 2 weeks Ago

I have just purchased and older Malby design loft/lie machine. I see all kinds of tutorials on using the new fancy machines but have not been able to locate any information on using the older design. Any tuturials or information would be much appreciated.

Britt Lindsey answered 1 day

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Britt Lindsey 1 day Ago

If you can take a picture and create a “link” to the image, then I should be able to go to the link and see it.

Britt Lindsey

Britt Lindsey 1 week Ago

If you can be more specific on which older Maltby loft/lie machine you have, we may be able to get some information to you.  We have made several machines over the years.

Britt Lindsey

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Scott162 days agoEditDelete

  • Do you have an option to upload a couple of pictures? That way you can see which bending machine I have.

Send the pictures to and I will see what I can come up with on instructions.

Britt Lindsey