Britt, I live in Ottawa, winter in SC; have taken all three courses from Jim and ordered thousands of dollars of materials over the years. This winter I decided to have your plant assemble the new KE 4 Max putter for me as it takes some time to get the products to Canada. After submitting my order I got the order form emailed – a couple of dozen times – yes you had some computer issues. I noted that the order was incorrect – the grip was wrong and the aluminum hosel was wrong ( I ordered a SS Flatso 2.0 Countercore). I finally got someone on the phone who reached into the plant and found that the putter had not been shipped. I was told that the grip I wanted was not in stock (there are no SS Countercore in stock I was told), and so when that was sorted out I was told that the putter would be reassembled with the proper ordered 1″ aluminum hosel, not the 3″ that was installed, and I made it clear that I wanted the 1″ Gray hosel, which was the one I ordered in the first place. Well I have received the putter here in SC and the hosel is indeed a 1″ but it is black! Now how this could have been mixed up again I have no idea and why the plant would not have said – why a black hosel and not gray to go with the Gray coloured KE 4 Max?? I completely understand there are staffing issues everywhere these days but this order and end product was a mess and I am not very pleased.

Britt Lindsey Answered question February 28, 2023