So I ordered a set of irons a few weeks ago, not sure if I am allowed to mention other brands here, but it was a sexy blade looking DTC iron with good reviews and supposedly very forgiving which would help my high handicap game. I decided to cancel that order because I was getting frustrated with their company.

Anyway, I found Maltby and I was interested in this years line of clubs like the TS1-IM and the TS4. I was on the fence between the 2 but settled on the TS4 because the spreadsheet said the TS4 had a higher MPF. Which I didn’t really understand, but it sounded like the higher the number, the easier it would be to play.

I called Customer Service because my browser had an issue adding it to the cart, but while I had him on the line I asked him whether or not he had any advice for a high handicapper deciding between the TS1-IM and the TS4. He then told me that I shouldn’t get either of those because a high handicapper wouldn’t likely be able to hit the ball well enough to benefit from those particular irons. I was a bit confused because they seem to be marketed as a Super Game Improvement iron so I asked him about the MPF score. I presented the idea that if I was capable of hitting an iron like the stealth, would that mean I would have similar success with the TS1-IM/TS4 if their MPF scores were the same. I can’t remember exactly, but he explained it didn’t really work like that. He explained that there are lots of factors that go into arriving at this score and the stealth has a wider sole (or something) and it would bounce off the ground where as the TS4 would take a divot. I was confused and he then said that TS1-IM and the TS4 would be good if I planned on having them for a while and I would potentially grow into them but wouldn’t be good if I was looking for instant gratification. I asked on a suggestion between the 2 and he said for a high handicapper, probably the TS1-IM, which I thought was weird because the TS1-IM has a lower MPF score.

Now I have no idea what to get. I looked at the spreadsheet and don’t know what most of it really means and what is important and why. I mostly only play the 9 hole par 3 in my town and get around 40 most games. I hit my current 7 iron (33degree loft? i think) around 150-160, i believe. I don’t have a hook or a slice, but I am bad at hitting straight toward my target. I’ll miss right/left more than I miss far/short. Am i better suited for the TS1-IM or the TS4? should i give up on those and get something else like the TS3? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Britt Lindsey Answered question July 19, 2023

kind of going down the rabbit hole….
the MPF of the TS4 and TS1-M are so close, I don’t think it would make a difference. Sole width and bounce are essentially the same also.
Both are very attractive heads.
If you’re looking for forgiveness, you may want to look at the KE4-Max.
Myself, I have to like the appearance of the club, otherwise it gets in my head when I stand over the shot.
For that reason, I opted for the TS3 ( I have a set of TS2’s also which I love), they have a high MPF, easy to hit and they have that sexy look. The TS2’s I may play a bit better, but don’t think they have that wow factor like the TS3’s do.
I’ve hit all the Maltby irons (I’ve got a small shop) and customers say hands down the KE4-Max is the easiest to hit and the most forgiving. Asthetically, the TS line is more appealing.
In looking at the MPF, for myself I concentrate on a high C Dimension and a low Vertical Center of Gravity. Along with the visual, the TS3 checks all the boxes.