Hi, I am a very new club maker, and I love tinkering with my clubs. I have always love fixing things.

I own a Ralph Maltby MA0222 swing weight scale. I recently damaged my KBS C-taper Lite stiff 110g shaft, in my 6,7 and 9 irons. These are Apex Pro 19 clubs.  The grip that I am using is a golf pride tour velvet plus 4 midsize. I like everything standard length, lie and D2 swing weight.
I will explain my steps, I cut the shafts to proper length, install the ferrule, then I start to measure the swing weight. Please note the grip is not installed on the shaft it’s placed on the scale per the instructions provided for MA0222.
I get the swing weight to about D2 but when I assemble the club epoxy the head, install the grip with one piece of double sided tape and install the weight after totally assembled I get a D3.4. Please note the swing weight is calibrated perfectly.
Please explain what I am doing wrong

I inserted a pic of the instructions for placement of the grip from the manual

Britt Lindsey Answered question August 1, 2022