Hello there,

I’ve been playing R Flex M890 shafts in the TS3 heads now for a few weeks, and we are getting along fairly well… best feeling irons I’ve hit in as long as I can remember!  Launch and spin is about where I want it with the M890s, feel isn’t bad either.. but I keep wondering if some of the other alternatives might add just a touch more stability overall, while keeping similar flex/feel.

My Driver SS speed is about 90-92, smooth swinger, I like a soft feel, and I don’t typically add a lot of dynamic loft, so the M890s have been a pleasant surprise in helping with a little more height and spin in the 6,7,8 irons actually (6i is my lowest lofted iron in my bag before going to a 23/26 degree TC Pro hybrids).. I was worried they may be way to soft, but they turned out to feel better than expected.

I’m looking at the Rapport Blue and the Pro Series shafts as an alternative to my current M890s.

In the Rapport Blue would the R flex be similar to the R flex in the M890s?

In the Pro Series, knowing these play stiffer to flex, would the A flex Pro Series be a better option?

Any opinions on which of these three shafts (M890, pro series, and Rapport blue) might be a better overall performer, and transition well using as an iron shaft in my 23 and 26 degree hybrids?  I play my Hybrids at iron length as a true iron replacement.

Thanks for the advice!

Britt Lindsey Answered question June 14, 2024