What is the purpose/feel for the use of counterweights in a putter shaft or any other shaft for that matter. Putting to me is such a precision game and I’m at the point to trying minute adjustments to help along. Any experienced information is always welcome.

Thanks in advanced, David

Hi David, I experimented with this a bit a few years back. I use a straight back and through stroke and found by counterweighting it allowed my putter face to stay closer to square (Ping Anser 5).
I picked up a variety of carriage bolts at menards, taped them individually onto the grip and spent a few hours on the putting green. I settled with one that weighed about 95 grams. Went back to the shop, filed down the head a bit to slightly larger than the outside shaft diameter (also the square portion to allow so it would slide down into the shaft). I put the the grip back on (heavier Winn grip). I’ve been using it for 3-4 years now with good results.
My total cost was $8 and some change. Just an idea.