Hello. I do appreciate the ratings MPF. However, I tried the T400 last summer from Titleist rated at 851 and my S2H2 rated 1029. In essence the S2H2 is more playable in theory . However, the 7 iron t400  has a same shaft lenght as a normal 7 iron but the loft is 26 deg, which is in fact an older 5 iron loft. Am I wrong when I say that golf companies now build 5 irons, write 7 iron on it an ditched the 3-4-5 irons ?  Marketing hype.                                                                                                                                                                           I must admit that if I hit a 5 iron S2h2 and compare with the T400 7 iron, the T400 is way more permissible. On a perfect strike, I would it the T400 around 145 Y (37 inches graphite  shaft) (checked with a launch monitor) and maybe 150 with the s2h2 5 iron (38 inches  uniflex  shaft)

Britt Lindsey Answered question December 4, 2020