The MMB-17 irons look very appealing to me. I would like to buy a complete set, assembled, but I’m not sure if I will like the feel.

  • Do you offer a sample which I can test before committing to a purchase?

We do not offer a demo to test. One of the advantages of being able to buy the components is that you can, very affordably, buy a 6 or 7 iron, or whatever iron you want and have it shafted with the grip and shaft of your choice and test it before committing to the entire set. It is also important to understand that the feel of a club is not just in the head, or the material it is made of. Feel is created by the combination of the head, the shaft, the grip, the fit, etc. So, to get the truest test of the feel of a particular head, it should be tested with a shaft that is the proper flex and weight for you and a grip that is the proper size for you.

Britt Lindsey