Can the Score LT iron shaft be used as an “A” / Senior flex?  Looking at the IR6 and IR11 tip trims and 1.5″ between Reg and Stiff. My theory is that you could do “0” tip trim with a 5 iron and achieve a Senior flex.  Customer wants to use steel shafts even though he is 70 years old.  Set would be the M890 irons so starting with 6 iron at “0” would even be slightly softer.  Any thoughts?

larryo Posted new comment February 10, 2023

Might get you close. Recommend build a test club for him to hit first.
I don’t think age determines graphite or steel.
If he’s healthy and not lacking in distance go steel.
If not, and he still wants steel try to move him to the Zelos 6.
Test clubs are a big plus in my shop. Unfortunately having a hard time finding club conex connectors in the secondary market.

I have some club conex connectors if you are still looking