I am a beginner and have played less than 10 rounds of golf in my life, with only 1 in the past couple years (shot 10 over on an easy 9-hole). I want to order a set of TS4s and am undecided on the shaft. I went to a sim the other day to learn about my swing, and I’m at 80mph with the 7iron and it goes ~150yds.

I feel like I’m between R and S flex. When I do hit the ball well, I have a high trajectory, and my natural shot is a slice.

Since I’m at 80mph and hit the ball high, I’m leaning toward DG S200. It feels like they may be hard to adjust to the stiffness to start, but a right choice to grow into assuming i get better and my swing speed increases over the time (I’m 30 y/o). Thoughts?

Britt Lindsey Answered question 3 days ago