In the Golf world many OEM’s always refine make changes slim down etc some say model to model we have made the head smaller to play better which make some people a little Queezy ,,,  I know Maltby is the opposite which is great what head size would you say is the TS 1 IM TS3 TS4 etc Small,  Midsize , or Large iam talking blade length not thick toplines or huge amounts of offset just clean lines ? To me it seems  midsize would be the best of Both worlds,,,,,,,

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 17, 2023

I’m new to Maltby and also agree with this post, if we can have a comparison chart of some sort that would be wonderful. Thanks.

“ if we can have a comparison chart of some sort ”
Agreed , many websites have that feature. Would be a useful tool.

I know that most current Maltby heads (blade length) are within .2″ of one another with the M890 being an outlier at 3.44″

I haven’t seen an OEM publish the blade length of their irons. So I’m not sure who would determine what is considered small, medium or large. I would bet it would be subjective much like shaft flex has no standard.