So I have a Maltby Stw driver, that I got a couple of summers ago.  My son\’s driver cracked ( new one on the way) and I gave him mine for golf practice.  I go to play today and there is a big dent and red mark (from a range ball) on top of the driver near the toe.  It didn\’t seem to effect the playability of the club other then the sound it made. So the question is is this big dent going to lead to an early failure of the club?

bobpegram Answered question July 31, 2020

Probably won’t lead to failure. However you’ll have to listen to it every time you swing it! Worse yet, you’ll have to look at that gnarly dent!

The face seems fine, he doesn’t know how it happened. His new driver arrived today, Maltby M890. So that was quick(ordered it Friday), just finished gluing it up. I will play out the summer with it, but I have to get rid of the red range ball paint, ugh. The dent is bad enough.