I’ve been playing TE Forged for about two years now. I’m wanting to build something new with more modern lofts. I recently bought a 8 iron TE+ head and a 9 iron TS3 head and shafted them up with some S300’s I’ve had laying around. I like both of them alot.

The sole of the TE Forged 6 iron starts to peek out of the back of the club at address. It only bothers me a little but I’d prefer that I not see the back of the sole on any club. Perhaps that is a sometimes unavoidable aspect of modern iron construction. Can anyone tell me if the sole of the 6 iron on either the TE+ or TE3 is visible at address like I see on the TE Forged 6 iron. The 6 is the highest loft I’d buy.

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 5, 2024