I been doing reading on different golf blogs and watching some newer videos from different OEM’s about there new irons releases etc, Mizuno who many feel have the best feeling irons, Ping Blueprint etc say that shorter length blade’s feel better in sound and feel because of more concentration of mass than a longer blade is there a difference Is it the forged process etc ? Short blade lengths look scary you have to middle it !!! ONE would think with all this technology we have that some OEM’s small or large can make a blade where it’s not so short and not too long ( hockey stick) but in the middle somewhere where you get great feel, sound and some confidence putting that blade behind the ball keeping toplines clean kinda thin (medium) doesn’t have to be razor thin and not tons of offset where everything goes left if I can take the size of The TE and topline and offset and the the feel of TS 1 in a  blade set perfect irons!!!!!

Britt Lindsey Answered question October 6, 2021