Just did a trial run at the range.  Wow.  What a consistent driver, definitely a draw bias. Profile as follows:12 degree head paired with an SK Fiber TT 55 Regular flex, no tipping, 45.5″, 90mph SS avg, 240-250 total on a good strike.  I estimate I  carried in the 220 range with a beautiful ball flight, on par with my best drives.  But much more consistent.  I went to a 10gram weight to give the head a little more feel. But honestly for a first trial it was night and day compared to the 917D2/Diamana S+ White.  No more sky balls!  In fact I ended up teeing it up slightly higher to get the strikes in the sweet spot.  Hit the first few left, but changed the swing and voila, straight as an arrow.  I had a terrible slice issue, this setup definitely helped (better fitting shaft/head combo). I may tip the shaft 1″ to reduce the draw but its debatable.  Happy customer, cant wait to play it.

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 12, 2021