Last month I tried to preorder some of the ISO-T club paks and due to the Pro Series shafts being backordered had cancelled and figured I would wait the two weeks that was quoted to me. I again put in an order as I had scheduled three fitting8 next week. Not only are the stock shafts still not available but now the 10.5 heads are back ordered. Its beyond frustrating to have to call customers and say product isnt available after such a build up and an important product release. I’m trying to get back into fitting in a big way and it’s not helping. Trying to build a customer base and credibility in this day and age of instant feedback postings is brutal. Trying my best to not look like an idiot.

I’m sure you struggle for space at the forging plant and the same goes for shaft scheduling… but this hurts.

Unfortunately I cancelled $650 worth of supplies today.. with at least a months wait for a 10.5 head. Its the height of the season with zero product…..