Just typed a whole paragraph and accidentally closed the page, so long story short not sure if I can post this here but waiting on GolfWRX approval and need answers ASAP. I found a set of clubs at a resale shop for $120 but they will be $60 tomorrow. One of them was a near mint condition Tad Moore 1997 1st Production TM-9 putter. I can’t find any info on this one and only see other TM series online. (Found one for $99.99 on eBay but the listing ended and not sure how old it was.) There was also a Tad Moore Maxfli TM-4 as well as a TM-2 but it had rust on the head. There were about 15 irons ranging from Cleveland brand to Maltby and I didn’t check the others. There was a set of 3 Ping G5 Woods (3,5,7) and a Ping I20 maybe hybrid iron in real nice shape. Unfortunately there was no “Big Bertha” driver, only a 330cc or so 1. So I think at $60 it’s a great deal (bag included which I do not need). But I was really curious if the 1997 TM-9 was a more “rare” or valuable club as I saw this was a short run of Pre-Production units before the 1998 actual release. Please let me know if anyone has any info. THANKS!