In 2004, Taylormade {Japan} made a driver for distribution in Japan and Europe called the TaylorMade xr-05 and xr-05 cti.  The cti model was a Hi Cor model.  Both used the same shaft made by Mitsubishi Chemical.  This shaft was the Mitsubishi Rayon.  It was a really lightweight shaft with little tourque.  This shaft is incredible.  Problem is that it is a .350 tip.

I have several of these shafts but can’t use it in a modern head, or can I ?  Are these my options;

Rebore a head from .335 to .350 ?  And if so, who does it anymore?

Use a shaft adapter that can take a .350 tipped shaft?  Who makes these and what clubheads can except it.

Does anyone have any imput.  Thanks Mike





I pulled about 30 adjustable sleeves from Cobra shafts about 2 years ago. There were a couple of .350 adjustable sleeves. That being the case, I would have to imagine that went into a standard hosel size from Cobra. Can’t believe they would make two different ones.
I can’t find them on The Golfworks website, but did find them at
Looks like cobra and taylormade are choices.