Hello Britt hope all is well I had a few days off work and been reading alot on the forum catching up on my golf knowledge etc,  and came across an interesting comment I believe his name is Tony and he mentioned the TE iron idea about taking the TE topline and offset, but longer blade lengths iam all for that, more confidence and putting that in a new muscle back design i second that motion 1000 times. I have a couple of sets of the TE and they are excellent i also have a set of Mmb 17 which are very good, i like the TE iron better, the topline is thinner and has the least amount of offset they are beautiful when addressing the ball its delicious. I think I read on the forum on here that the TE iron is the the thinnest topline you would make and the least amount of offset you would design in a good player set? And for good players that is what we want. But that idea would be one heck of an iron set you got my money already!!!!!

Britt Lindsey Answered question November 16, 2020