I have to replace a shaft on a bore thru Titleist driver head. The shaft has been replace once, and the customer wants his original shaft replaced. It’s appears that the older shaft was installed all the way to the bottom of the head, then epoxy was poured into the bottom to form a plug. I do have questions.

1. my understanding is that a bore thru plug is placed into the bottom of the club. The shaft does not go all the way to the bottom of the head. Correct or not?
2. The application of heat. Heat will be applied carefully to the hosel of the head. That will loosen the epoxy in this area, but if the shaft has been extended to the bottom of the head, and epoxy has been poured in, I’m not sure if there’s enough heat to break that bond.
It’s an interesting problem and I need to approach it carefully. Included is a picture of the bottom of the shaft, and the shaft to be installed.  Suggestions are most welcome.
Thanks – Bill

Rlafoone Answered question June 30, 2023