I currently play the KE4-U30 and am considering replacing them with the Tour + or the KE4-S irons. I like the U30’s because I hit the 5 Iron well which I believe is due to either the .160 offset or the 27* of loft (maybe both). I’m not sure if it’s the 27* degree loft which is decreasing the side spin (fade/slice) or the .160 offset which is giving me a bit more time to square the face. I do swing out -> in

The Tour + have reduced offset  (.125) and 1* stronger loft whereas the KE4-S has a bit more offset (.180) and 2* stronger loft.

Ideas on which of the two would give me similar results to the U30’s?

Also any idea of what the ACTUAL VCOG and the MOI of the U30 6 iron would be?