The Trouble out heads with the twin rail style sole seemed to be successful and popular, I love the way these heads cut through the rough as if it wasnt there. ( i could understand Bryson wanting one) however I see Golfworks no longer utilised this design principle.   In the KE4 Tour TC hybrid there is the ‘twin rails’ of weight but they are internal instead of protruding.  Similarily the twin rails made famous by the Cobra bafflers decades ago, have had a resurgence but In the latest iteration Cobra has made these twin rails predominately hollow.  Thats a bit baffling,  my thinking is if the rails are hollow, then how can they be effective.

I am wondering if these twin rails have been found to be actually ineffective as such?    and its just been the result of having more weight down low that was making these clubs work, and that can be done in lots of ways.

Britt Lindsey Answered question September 23, 2020