Hey Britt,

I’m looking at putting some True Temper Dynamic Gold .370″ Steel Iron Shafts in one of the new Maltby club heads. (I haven’t decided which ones I like more, probably a blended set). I can hit an 8 iron to 150 if I hit it hard but I can also get a 7 iron to 150 if I hit it softer (150 is kind of an in between number). In the custom shop there are flex options for R300, S200, and S300 and I was wondering what the difference in feel between these flexes might be. How different is the S200 from the R300 and would I really be able to feel the difference? If you could help me with some additional information in choosing a shaft flex I would really appreciate it!

Thank you Britt!

Britt Lindsey Answered question May 4, 2023