I’m a 17 handicap player currently gaming Callaway Mavrik irons (stock, stiff) but I’ve never been in love with their look or the way I hit them, also the crazy lofts. The TS3s have grabbed my attention as a nice blade looking iron with some forgiveness that I’m thinking about making the change to. I don’t hit the ball super far so forgiveness and distance are top of my list, have a little draw with irons but fairly consistent. I currently struggle with the Mavrik 6i 24°.

Based on MPF alone it says the Mavriks are a 677 game improvement so by comparison it seems like any of the Maltby irons should be more forgiving(?) but the I’m pretty confident my game is not meant for real blades so TS3s seem like the choice for me (849 super GI). But I do see that the TS3 have a lower MOI (maybe cause the mavrik 6 iron tested is more like a driving iron)?

I guess just looking to validate, am I crazy for thinking of making this move? I have 6-GW in the mavrik (24°-46°) but TS3 id be adding a club to go 5-GW (25°-48°) but would gap better up to my 52°.

Britt Lindsey Answered question 3 days ago