The 3 woods are listed at 43″ and the 5 woods are 42″.  I have been looking to purchase one or both, but have some conflicting information about club length and swing weight.  I would be getting the club pak with the Maltby MPF fairway wood shaft in stiff.  I was told if you get anything less than 43″, I can’t get a D2 swing weight.  I find this hard to believe.  I want a 3 wood at 42.5″ playing length with a D2 swing weight.  Is that possible?  What is the standard swing weight for this club at standard length, standard Lamkin grip?

I just wanted to add one thing. I have read where it would be possible to get a 16* head for the 3 wood that may be in stock for the UFW, is there any truth to that?

Thanks a bunch.