I installed  a 245 gram #3 iron head on a Graphite Design tour AD Flex X shaft (Orange Colored) and it frequenced  at 245cps at 39″ which is very weak.  Sent it back and they sent a Graphit Design AD95 Flex X Black Colored, frequenced about the same, very weak. Reinstalled the original NUNCHUK XI NVENTI X and it is a perfect 318cps @ 39″ Anyone have the same results?  I am using Mitchel meter. I have been refinishing and repairing clubs since 1985 and attended Golfworks repair school in1988. I also worked for a custom club manufacturer for 4 years.  Anybody have same results with Graphite Design taper iron shafts?  I installed many of their shafts on fairway woods and they were always perfect!