I was watching a YouTube TXG Q&A with Matt and Ian. A question came up about Maltby clubs. Matt said he never saw one much less ever tried one. Ian was just as blank about Maltby equipment. They seemed oblivious to the brand.

I have never seen Mark Crossfield or Rick Shields acknowledge the existence of Maltby. They are willing to look at just about everything golf but somehow Maltby is an unknown entity.

Personally, I wouldn’t change my opinion one way or another, but I do enjoy these three channels, and find it strange there is such a silence. The same with MyGolfSpy. They will review Costco golf balls and wedges and other DTC products, but somehow a company that I feel is leading in club design goes unnoticed.  I am curious if there is some “unwritten” rule the Maltby refuses to obey that holds these folks at bay.

Anyone else as curious as I am? Britt? Can you elaborate?

vic-js Posted new comment November 28, 2022

Ian is definitely familiar with Maltby, if only the name. I have heard him reference Golfworks a number of times and I would be very surprised if they dont have an account to order parts and supplies. They may not have done any testing, but he is aware. I imagine that there is no incentive for him to work with Maltby, as part of his business model relies on buying parts wholesale from vendors (Titleist, Callaway, etc), and then building clubs, charging for both the component pieces as well as the labor. It makes sense that it isnt their focus, but I also would like to see them test out some of the irons and wedges.

As a side note, I remember seeing Rick Shiels testing a swing aid, that actually used a DBM head. He commented that the club felt great and I smiled…

That was most likely the Gabe Golf swing aid we manufacture for him. We used the DBM head for it (rebadged with his name on it). He took it to some tour guys and said said that they really liked the DBM design as well.
Britt Lindsey

YouTube: TXG LIVE // Golf Equipment & ClubFitting Q&A // 10.18.2021

48:37 – Do you have any experience with Maltby clubs? – Ian: Zero, Never worked with a set. Matt: Never even seen a set

(Knew I saw this somewhere, just had to find it and bring it forward. Not really for any reason other than to point it out)

Jim McCleery MCgolf has done some reviews on Golfworks/Maltby equipment. I believe he has a YouTube channel. Here you go


This won’t be Maltby specifically but there are a few.

Just watched the TXG video comment, yes they said they have never worked with a set, then the other guy says “me neither…..shocking” Whats noticeable about that is they didnt say “who?” Golfworks should take that as a compliment, I understand by that he means they know the brand well – and that its shocking that they havent yet tried them out.