The Most Important Golf Club

Short Chart

Percentage of Shots During A Round

Putting: 35-40% Of Your Total Score
Driving: 15-20% Of Your Total Score
Irons, Fairways, Metals, Sand, Pitching & Chipping: 40-50% Of Your Total Score

Golf Bag

The Most Important Club In My Golf Bag

The one club in your bag that contributes to your score more than any other club is the putter. Most amateur golfers do not take putting practice (and chipping) as serious as their driving and iron play.

The reason for this, I believe, is that anyone at any ability can successfully hit a putt with reasonable distance and directional control. They will not miss the ball or hit some hideous and embarrassing banana slice or shank into the boondocks.


While it is true that all clubs require practice, the putter should get a little more of its share of the available practice time. Remember, it is easy to be successful at putting, but it is very difficult to be really good at putting.

A goal every golfer should have it to eliminate 3 putts and make as many “percentage” putts as possible. Never take more than 36 putts and constantly stride to be somewhere in the 20’s.