Welcome to the New RalphMaltby.com

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Welcome to the new RalphMaltby.com. The biggest new features on our site is a brand new site redesign. This redesign makes it easier to find the information your looking for. We plan to continue to update our learning library with all the information on the previous website and with new information. Keep checking this page for updates. We also made asking your golf and clubmaking questions even easier than before. Check out our large knowledge base of questions and answers with well over 200 questions. You can easily search these questions and new questions. If you have any golf or clubmaking question than visit our ask section.

The Goal

As always, this site’s goal is to provide varying levels of golf club technical knowledge so you can make better and more informed decisions regarding your equipment. This site is not about shooting from the hip and expounding non factual opinions which so often occur today in golf writings and golf telecasts. We will be providing equipment information based on my over 40 years in the golf business researching, designing, building, fitting, testing and selling golf clubs.

About Ralph

Ralph has also spent all these years in golf educating anyone who is willing to listen (teaching workshops, seminars and schools), read (my many books) and watch (my numerous videos). All this information is intended to be unbiased and factual and hopefully will also help to dispel the many perpetuated golf equipment myths that have existed for a long time in this business and are still hanging around today. There is no axe to grind here, only getting out the facts in a timely manner to keep you informed. Learn more about Ralph by visiting the about section.

Closing thoughts

It’s time for all golfers to have easy access to this information because it moves the golf industry forward in a positive way creating more knowledgeable and informed buyers. After all, this website is for you the golfer with the ultimate and obtainable goal to help you play better golf. We encourage your feedback and value your opinions. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can leave your feedback by visiting the contact page.