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Feel and MPF

Noting feels like a Mizuno or nobody makes clubs the way we do.! Looking at different companies and how they process and  Manufactor there clubs etc I know there are several ways it can be done, different...

November 15, 2021 2
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Soles and Milling

I know some OEM's have all type of soles pre warned V sole etc have different truf interactions how much does the soles affect MPF and does CNC milling the front and back of irons what effects does it...

November 5, 2021 2
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New Blade releases

On the Market right now there are quite a few blade's that our currently on the market with Direct to consumers brands like Sub 70 (649 TA 3), New level golf blade's, Haywood blade's ,Ben Hogan icon etc...

November 2, 2021 2
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CG location and Tungsten

With all new technologies cad etc far as weight do you need to put tungsten in the toe to bring up Moi for more stability or shape the toe in a way different from the heel that you don't have to put a...

October 21, 2021 2
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Variable length heads (PXG)

Pxg just came out with the PXG 0311 ST Irons which is super smart idea with what they did a variable length blade longer in the long irons 3-5 and a little shorter as it goes up I seen them and I must...

October 19, 2021 2
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Tiger woods and Adam Scott irons,,

I just recently seen Adam Scott new blade's from Titleist in the blogs and he explained that he likes a little built into his clubs not zero offset and the kicker with longer blade lengths wow he does...

October 14, 2021 2
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Sound and feel

I been doing reading on different golf blogs and watching some newer videos from different OEM's about there new irons releases etc, Mizuno who many feel have the best feeling irons, Ping Blueprint etc...

October 5, 2021 2
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A slice of golfer's

Hey golf fanatics been reading many different golf blogs me and many other golf nuts out there and wondering has there ever been a set of blade's made by you or ,direct to consumers brands or any OEM's...

August 24, 2021 2
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Straight muscle or curved muscle back

I recently read an article on Tiger Woods blade's and how in prototypes blade's he said that Curved muscle blade's was a little inconsistent and the reason why he had them design the straight muscle back...

July 31, 2021 2
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Full face groves on irons

Just wondering it may sound crazy but what would happen if you put full face groves on irons I know they are on wedges and look really good and unique, would it add to performance or takaway?

July 20, 2021 2
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Sole v grinds and design

I recently went to a demo event and hit some blade's Srixon z star and Ben hogan icon blade's and they feel amazing I found that the V sole grind that they have or similar V grinds really helps with turf...

May 18, 2021 2
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Woods design

Are Maltby soles rounded or v shaped will you ever get in to adjustable drivers fairway woods etc any driving irons

May 18, 2021 2
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Blade design article

Hello Britt I just recently read your article on Build a better blade ,it was a fantastic read it educated me alot on how even (muscle) blade's can be more forgiving depending on design etc. Coming from...

April 23, 2021 2
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Blade updates

Is there any updates on the muscle blade's and cavity backs and do you do sneak pictures I know it may be several months away just curious. Looking to replace my Mmb 17 ,hopefully they new irons have that...

March 25, 2021 2
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Direct to consumers brands

Direct to consumers brands are doing a phenomenal job excellent premium product and even better prices!! Maltby, Ben hogan,  Sub 70 ,New level golf,   Ballistic golf , Haywood golf and probably a few...

February 3, 2021 2
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TE irons or similar

Iam what you call a golf junkie like most golfers are and a  equipment addict lol but any way I have a few blades  in my collection  Mizuno  mp5 and Srixon 965 which at the moment  are my go to club...

February 1, 2021 2
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Sub 70 and others

Company's like sub 70 , new level golf will you ever do an mpf rating on there products would love to see them up against the big boys , and will you ever get in social media like Instagram etc ?

August 24, 2020 2