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Callaway apex 24 mpf rating

Does anyone know if the new 2024 Apex irons are actually game improvement-forgiving? I’m hoping callaway does the same thing as Titleist T100 and makes the cb a true game improvement iron.

November 20, 2023 2
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I’m playing a combo set of 4i/5i ts3 6-pw ts4. I play off an 8 hdcp. I previously had the 6 in ts3 flavor but switched it to ts4. The 4 and 5 look good but I wish the te v4 we’re out as I probably...

November 19, 2023 2
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Ok that makes a lot more sense now given the Neo was mis-labeled. The others are just on the end of the spectrum given they're combo flex shafts.

June 22, 2023 2
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Iron shaft MPF and Trajectory

My understanding is that the MPF rating (3rd value, 1, 2, 3) for shafts describe the launch trajectory (low, mid, high). For whatever reason there are a few shafts that have a different launch trajectory...

June 20, 2023 2
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Tip trim for TS3 and TS4

On another forum a few users are noticing how the deeper hosel depth of the TS3/4 require longer than "normal" shaft lengths for the same loft iron from another set, suggesting soft stepping one or two...

May 2, 2023 2
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Britt, We're curious if you've measured the mpf numbers for the upcoming TS4. It was a surprise seeing the TS3 almost in the super game improvement category. What caused its rating to increase from what...

April 21, 2023 2
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Macgregor VIP 2010

According to a brief internet search it looks like Golfworks might have had a hand in making the 2010 MacGregor VIP, but I don't see it on any MPF list. Does anyone know if this head was considered game...

April 1, 2023 2
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New Website

Britt… would be good to add back the Category option to filter by head types,  eg Putters, Irons,   etc. I second this. I actually think it's understood that poor sorting ability leads to weaker sales....

February 1, 2023 5
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Nippon 950 Neo mpf

I'm also interested in others experience with this shaft. I noticed its marketed as a 95g high launch, but I find it to be a low launch. I find it launches lower than the modus 3 105g rated as 3B2H.

November 26, 2022 5
December 30, 2021 10