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Shaft Flex/Feel?

Just a general question... Is it safe to assume that a stepless shaft will play a little softer than a stepped shaft?  i.e. Will a FST 115 Pro (stepless) feel softer than a FST 115 both trimmed to R flex? ...

January 16, 2023 2
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compare STi2 to KE4 Max

Hi Britt and team (you guys are great!)  I currently play the STi2 irons with FST 115 Pro shafts trimmed to R.  I hit them really well, solid and straight, but a little's hard to keep them...

December 16, 2022 2
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compare shafts

How would a Graftech Lite iron shaft trimmed to A flex compare to both the MPF Pro Series A flex and the M890 A flex?... I'm looking to replicate the flight of the steel FST Pro 115 but lighter weight.

November 30, 2022 2
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Tip trim M890

How much more do I have to tip trim a M890 A flex iron shaft for it to play closer to a R flex?

November 27, 2022 2
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How to hit lower trajectory tee shots with more roll out?

I am 75 yo golfer who plays to a 9-10 hdcp.  I have lost clubhead speed (88-90 mph) but still hit the ball solidly most of the time.  My tee shots take off like a rocket but just seem to climb too high. ...

August 10, 2022 2
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determining shaft playability factor

I have used several different indoor launch monitors to establish my carry and total distance for each club in my bag.  My average carry for a 6 iron is 153 yds. which is SPF 2.  My driver clubhead speed...

April 13, 2021 2
April 13, 2021 10