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Driver MOI?

What is MOI in relation to a driver? I stumbled on a limitation for drivers that said that they can't be more than 5900 g cm (32.259 oz in). Supposedly the closer you get to 5900 the more forgiving it...

3 days ago 2
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Getting fitted?

While I'm waiting for the KE4 Max to be back in stock, I'm wondering if I should actually be fitted. The local golf shop charges for a full fitting. They did do a free quick fitting using a 7 iron off...

July 15, 2024 2
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KE4 S vs. Max?

Since the KE4 Max is out of stock for a couple weeks, I'm looking at the KE4 S, they look to be fairly similar, I know the Max is a new design, any significant differences?

July 11, 2024 2
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Tried to place an order...

Unfortunately the KE 4Max irons out of stock for next 2 weeks.

July 9, 2024 2
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MPF or Kura Kuge shafts?

Pricing is close enough not to make a differance. For the KE 4Max irons, STh2 Hyb, STf2 fairways, and STw2 driver - all in A flex - MPF or Kura Kage Black 2G? Edit: Throw a SW in there also.

July 8, 2024 2
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KE4 Max - matching Sand Wedge?

If I want to get a sand wedge that matches a new set of KE4 Max's A-flex (PW, GW included) with either MPF or Kura Kage shafts, what should I be looking at?

July 7, 2024 2
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Britt, Regarding the driver, woods, and hyb I assume you mean the STw2, not TS2?

July 5, 2024 2
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Maltby Irons equivalents & shafts?

I realize I'm getting into the weeds a bit. I've decided to get a new set of KE4 Max irons, my question is is there a way to find the mainline equivalent of the various Maltby irons? P890', STi2's, KE4...

July 4, 2024 2
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Thanks, the M890 line is priced well. The Combo pack that they offer looks like a great buy.

July 3, 2024 2
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Maltby Drivers, Fairway woods, and Hybrids? Putters?

As a bit of a follow-up to a previous post. I'm 63, haven't played in 25 years, when I did I typically shot 100-110 over 18 holes. I've pretty much decided on TSi2 or KE4 Max irons, 6-PW. As far as the...

July 1, 2024 2
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Clubs for 63 year old, haven't played in 25 years

I'm 63 and have played in 25 years. Even then I played very sporadically, typically shot in the between 100-110. I'm thinking something in the $500 range would be a good place to start. I just want to...

June 21, 2024 2
June 21, 2024 10