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Ping irons with bulge or roll

They aren't Pings they are Avoda a small DTC company. His wedges are Ping.

April 13, 2024 5
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Blueprint T & S

Any update on the MPF for these? Thanks!

March 27, 2024 5
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Ping and MPF

Below is a quote from a recent article on the new Ping I 530 iron. Maybe they have been reading this site lol! As mentioned, the CG on the PING i530 irons is about 10 percent lower per club than on...

March 10, 2024 2
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For Brit....Hot Spots?

Brit-In your research do "players distance irons" have hot spots or is that a fallacy? I've had some and it seems like they do. Thanks!

December 20, 2023 2
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New Callaway and Titleist MPF

Will these be available soon? Thanks for all you do!

September 14, 2023 2
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Heavier Graphite Iron Shaft Recommendation TS4

I went to Recoil 110's and they were way too still for me, frequency was near X Flex. Steelfiber 110 is a bit heavier while not being so stiff.

September 12, 2023 5
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TS1 vs TS4 vs TS3

I've read the Maltby web site several times and can't figure the difference out. -Which is most blade like? -Which is most like I525, P790, etc? Thanks for the help!

July 13, 2023 2
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New Srixon’s

Will you be able to give us the MPF’s on the new Srixon’s especially the ZX7? Thanks !

June 13, 2023 2
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Ping I 230 shocker

Club enthusiasts may notice that Ping has been steadily raising VCOG since about 2012 on almost all irons not in the G series. Also they have been adding weight in the hosel which in my education was taught...

May 2, 2023 5
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Thanks Britt!

September 22, 2022 2
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New Rapport Shafts

How do the new Rapport shafts compare to the old Rapport SL? I used to have an SL in my Tri Metal + and that combo was a rocket ship!

September 21, 2022 2
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Any progress on the new Mizuno MPF?

August 20, 2022 2
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August 3, 2022 2
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Distance with A Softer Shaft

Will a regular shaft go further than a stiff shaft all other specs being equal ?

August 2, 2022 2
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Re Gripping .610 Iron shaft

If I use a .600 grip how much larger will it be? Does anyone offer a .610 diameter grip? Thanks!

August 2, 2022 2
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Any progress on the I 59 or the new I 525?

March 1, 2022 2
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Ping I 59 MPF out soon ?

Any idea when the MPF will be out? Thanks !

October 5, 2021 2