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Follow up to swingweight question

Brit, I recently asked how critical was the swingweight in a set of clubs.  For example, should driver and irons be the same through out the set.  I have a booklet written by Ralph Maltby entitled "How...

April 13, 2024 2
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Swing weight

How critical is the swing weight from driver through wedge?  If, for example, the driver is a C7 would it make any difference if the irons were a D3?

April 10, 2024 2
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Follow up to lie angle adjustment

Thank you for the answer.  Should I place my order over the phone and tell them how I want the clubs bent?

January 8, 2024 2
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changing lie angle

I am looking at the KE4MAX and am thinking of buying 5 of them (6 iron - PW).  Can the lie angle be adjusted there or do I have to take them to a pro shop to get this done? I am wanting a lie angle that...

January 8, 2024 2
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shaft pureing

This question is for Britt Lindsey.  I had earlier asked a question about counter balancing a club to reduce the swing weight and you answered that in your experience that it had not made any noticeable...

October 24, 2023 2
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custom made heads

If I were to buy some iron heads, for example the MA0254, and I wanted it with a lie angle that was 3 degrees flat from standard, would you have them in stock or would they have to be special made?

October 23, 2023 2
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changing lie angle

How much can the lie angle of a club be changed?  Do you need to heat the head before it can be bent?  I have some old Olimars that are 3 degrees flat and I like the way they sit at address.

October 13, 2023 2
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Swingweight, how important is it?

Is the swingweight of a driver all that important?  I have a driver that measures D6 on the swingweight scale.  If I were to add weight to the grip end and bring the swingweight down to D0 or even C9...

August 31, 2023 2
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iron forgiveness

I am looking for the most forgiving iron head I can buy.  In looking at the specs, I see some have more offset than others and also more bounce.  Would it be accurate to say that the more offset and...

July 26, 2023 2
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launch angle

Why would one shaft give a low launch angle and another give a high launch angle?  What's the difference in the shafts?  Is is where the flex point is?

July 24, 2023 2
Asked a question
grips for bubble shafts

A couple years ago I asked if you had a grip that would fit a bubble shaft. You said that Taki Mac had a grip that would work.  Do you still have those grips?

May 8, 2023 2
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need an adapter

I recently bought a Srixon driver head (Z745) and it appears to me that this driver needs an adapter.  Does Golfworks have the adapter I need?

May 5, 2023 2
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Cobra wedge insert

I have a customer who has a Cobra UFO gap wedge.  The face has popped out a bit (it does not sit flush in the head) and he was wondering if it is repairable.  He is still using the club, but the club...

January 28, 2023 2
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Shaft trimming

This is a basic question, but I want to make sure I have it right.  I have a 47 inch shaft to cut to length for a woman's driver.  The code for this shaft is W4/W12.  If I read the chart correctly,...

December 19, 2022 2
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Bulge and Roll

I understand that the bulge and roll on a driver produces a gear effect which helps to correct off center hits.  Is there an industry standard or do different manufacturers have differences in bulge and...

September 15, 2022 2
Asked a question
Taylor Made 3 wood burner

I have a Taylor Made 3 wood burner that my customer wants re gripped.  The butt end of the club is .865 inches so a standard grip will not work.  Where can I get a replacement grip?

August 12, 2022 2
Asked a question
Proper trimming of a golf club

It occurred to me recently that I may have been trimming my clubs improperly as I have cut everything to length by cutting the length from the butt end.  If I have a 7 iron and the trim code is IR37 does...

May 30, 2022 2
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Where is the kick point on a shaft

In your catalog I have never seen a specification as to where the kick point is.  Are all kick points in the same place on modern shafts?

March 24, 2022 2
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Restoring old clubs

I have an old Adams 3 metal that had paint that was chipped and basically looked bad.  I have repainted the head and now I would like to paint the "A" on the head.  You sell paint in red (FLPR) and white...

January 28, 2022 2
Asked a question
blade vs. cavity back

I seem to recall reading many years ago that a blade iron would hit the ball a few yards farther than a cavity back with all things being equal (the shaft flex, kick point,etc).  Is this true or is my...

January 6, 2022 2
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