Greetings from NZ.

Assume there are quite a few similar threads but hopefully my length provides a little more uniqueness to this one.

Had a round of golf as part of a year end function and really enjoyed it after selling my clubs as a student about 20 years ago. Strongly considering getting back into it and looking at a set of clubs.

I’m 6’7 and part of the reason why I didn’t continue was the cost of getting a longer set of clubs.

My current thinking is not to over commit/invest on a set but also to get something clubs that will not add to the frustration and making it more enjoyable.

My first priority is to get the correct length clubs. Based on research and WTF measurement I need to be 1.5” longer.

My question around this is do I go new clubs with the right shaft length or second hand with the option of extending the shafts?

If I need to go new, I’m strongly considering getting some Maltbay clubs which brings me to the next two questions, how do I select the correct club set and setups (head/shaft/grip/lie etc) and can you do it without fitting?

The other question is how accurate is fitting and is it worth it if you are getting back into the game and know that your swing is not yet consistent?

Would really appreciate some guidance from the experts on best way to go about this and any other consideration or input will be appreciated.

ericelliott Answered question December 29, 2021

Thank you. Appreciate the time and direction.