Ok this is going to be a long question but please bear with me.

I just recently (within the last 6 weeks) rebuilt my bag. I went to GG to find out what shaft is best for me. They gave me a list, the top of the list was the C Taper lites (.355) in stiff (SS with 7 was 85). There were others on the list that were in X, I understand that some companies stiff may be another’s X. I went with the C Tapers ($40.95) and got them PURE’d ($19.50).

In the meantime I was taking my yearly lessons. I have finally learned how to release the club and swing properly. My SS jumped with my driver from 100 – 105 to 115 – 117, I would chicken wing through the ball due to a flying right elbow, not anymore. That puts me in an X flex.

Here is my question, in looking through Brits article “Finding the right golf shaft” and scrolling down to the excel spreadsheets it seems to me the only difference between the C Taper lites in S and X is 5 grams. They both have the same bend point, tip stiffness, trajectory and torque ( I know there is no industry standard in torque but I’m assuming KBS torque would be measured the same throughout their lineup).

I have not noticed any difference in flight or hooking, etc.

Please tell me that these shafts will still fit me. I really can’t justify reshafting at $62 a club plus install.

I do have a follow-up question once this LONG question is answered


Britt Lindsey Answered question August 26, 2020