Hello. I’m Kris from Poland. There is a problem with access to the www golfworks.com store – it has been going on for several years. There is a blockade for customers from Poland, I think also from other European countries. This is a bit annoying. Every time I want to visit your store I have to use VPN gateways. This is always the case: 403 Error. After using the VPN gateway, the problem disappears. This is gross negligence and just a hassle. All the other stores don’t. Valuegolf, Hirekogolf, Agxgolf, Hurrucanegolf, SMT, Wishongolf, Edel, 1irongolf, etc. etc. etc. You can enter there without any problems. So there is no legal, consumer protection or similar problem with it. Could you please check it out and remove this unnecessary lock?

Eco Answered question September 16, 2022