So I’m 71 looking to play as good as i can, as I’ve said previously I was in a Coma for 4 weeks end of 2019 and recently had 6 lessons. So he’s said I need more of a in to out swing to correct my over the top bad habit when back in the day I could draw almost at will, part of the residual after effects of my illness is memory loss and flexibility. I’ve got a fade to slice driver action but with the short irons I’m in better control but still can’t draw the ball. I’m not going to quit lessons because I see lots of improvement now and will improve further, but my question is Will adapter adjustments make it easier to draw or straighten out my driver? I’ve tried various drivers Ping G Taylormade R7 R15 “Callaway Rogue no adapter” Titleist 913 D3 and a “Callaway Big Bertha no adapter” but with a sliding 5inch slot at the back set in the max draw position , I’ve not added any weight to any of these drivers and the ones with adapters I’ve left at standard settings except the big bertha. The big bertha 9deg gave me the best results in distance and dispersion, shaft is Fujikura xlr8 pro 56 flex R with adapter set at minus 1 N and a 5 gram weight near the adapter. I ask you because I believe your unbiased and I need all the help I can get, I tried changing the adapter on an M3 I had a year ago and failed miserably. I thank you for reading this as it’s abit long but want to give you as much info as possible, really appreciate your feedback. Cheers Colin

Britt Lindsey Answered question November 18, 2021

I should add my club head speed is 98-99 mph, maybe a different shaft but what? A friend with me at the driving range said I hit the ball very high which is true..