I am a big fan of the Trouble Out clubs,  I have both fairways and one Hybrid.  They are fantastic for hitting out of the rough, just cuts through the grasss as if it wasnt there.  In fact,  on a par 5, I would rather be hitting my second shot from the rough because, it just comes out so hot, and it cant bend!

However GW seem to have put them on the back burner for some years now,   I think the Hybrid model hasnt been updated since 2012?  the fairways have had one upgrade since.

I understand GW will always be concentrating their efforts on the products that sell, and not does not necessarily mean the best product, sadly thats business.  The TO concept is a timeless one, dating back even longer before Cobra did the Baffler.  My dad was using something similar in the 60’s made by PGF.


I posed this question to Britt a couple years ago,  I cant remember exactly what he said, but something like “good point, we probably should get onto that” :)