I placed two orders for a set of 8 TE forged irons, as well as a TSW wedge to be assembled. All of the TE forged irons are on back order, as is the TSW 56 degree wedge head. Are those expected to be back in stock soon? And what is the general lead time to make a set of clubs?

Also, I built those clubs with the FST 125g shafts. When I placed both of the orders, those shafts were in stock. Looking at the product page, those are now also backordered. Are parts of a club usually set aside for orders while awaiting other backordered items, or will the clubmakers wait until all applicable parts are in stock at the same time prior to making them?

Thanks, looking forward to finally having some proper fitting clubs!

Britt Lindsey Answered question September 14, 2021