I’m trying to find the true sweetspot on a wedge or any iron head.

  1. Am I correct in assuming that the point where the head balances is the sweetspot?
  2. Should the horizontal balance point be horizontally in the center of the grooves?

I tested this on a STi2 head, “P”.  The head balanced approximately 1/10 of an inch from horizontal center, closer to the heal side.  But I wanted a basic stainless wedge heads so I bought from that other, often lower priced, brand.  Measuring from center of the grooves, the balance point was 1/4 inch toward the heel side.

Also, I suppose it makes sense that if I add weights to the hosel, or with a steel shaft, the shaft itself, that I’d be moving the COG to the heel slightly.  Would I effectively be moving the sweet spot closer to the heel?


Britt Lindsey Answered question May 23, 2023