Hi Britt, it’s me again asking about help for a senior golfer. The irons I have been using are the Titleist 710 AP1’s with the Aldila VS Proto-T “ByYou” 75-R graphite shaft supposed to be R but it feels pretty firm to me. If I were to send my irons to Golfworks to be re-shafted what shaft or shafts would you and or Michael recommend? And what grip- if that would make a difference?

I am using a Cleveland 488 Custom 10.5 driver with the G-Tech A flex shaft and it seems to be working fine. I see G-Tech also has an iron shaft or would the LTech be a better choice-or any other shaft that you prefer?

I notice in Mr malby’s book that he recommends a .335 tip iron shaft for seniors-I don’t know what the 710’s tip is.

Again I appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you,


Thanks Britt for the answer, my Golfworks catalog shows the Xcaliber Tour as a 370 tip -is that an error?
Boring the hosel sounds to me to be too much of a modification to a very good iron.