I currently play to a 3-4 handicap but I feel that I am losing some strokes due to some not quite perfect ball contact. I have used Wilson blades since 1989 and really can’t complain about the performance too much, it’s just those one or two shots a round where a bit of forgiveness would help my score a bit. Recently, I dropped to a 5 iron through PW and replaced the 3 and 4 irons with hybrids, which has helped, but I wonder what technological breakthroughs I am missing out on.

Looking through the Maltby site, I’m really interested in the TS-1/TS-2 Forged, the PTM Black and strangely, the ST-I setups…

I like the look of the TS-1 the best, but do they play too much like a blade or is there a bit more forgiveness in there? Is the TS-2 a better option even though I like the look of the TS-1 better?

Are the ST-i or PTM Black a better option or are they “too game improvement” for my thoughts?

I’m really stuck on which direction to go as I can play just about anything out there, but I just want a bit more help on the tech front. I know designs have come a long way since the blade, but how far should I move?

For the record: I love less offset in my irons and a thinner top line. I’m certainly willing to give up both for a workable iron that can give me a bit more oops room though. Recently I’ve hit the Cobra King Forged TEC (2017 model), the Callaway XR Pro (2017?), Wilson C300 Forged, C300 and V6, TaylorMade P790, Callaway Rogue and the TM M3’s… I hit them all well, but the price tags on the newer models was ridiculous compared to what even the T1s would cost direct from Maltby.


Since I don’t have a retailer near me…

I really enjoy the looks of the TS-1 more than the TS-2… How much difference is there between them?

I also wanted to keep it a bit budget conscious is possible (thus the reason for looking at sets like the 2017 models from Callaway and Cobra.) That made the PTM’s and even the TE’s a decent option for the money. Are the TS’s worth the extra $200 a set vs. the older models?

According to the MPF ratings, my FG Tour 100’s are a 419. I really did expect them to be far worse as they are pretty much a muscle back blade. Will I really see a huge difference going from a 419 to a 700?

So many questions, but you guys already rock. Thanks!