I have a Callaway X 20 PW with a shaft (Rifle 5.0) broken in the hozel.  Believe this is a .355 Taper shaft but know it is bore-through.  I’ve replaced or built many irons but never a bore-through hozel.  Is there anything particularly difficult about this fix?  I’m doing it for a friend and don’t want to screw anything up.

My concept of the process (in steps):

1.  Remove old broken shaft by putting screw in broken shaft remains, heating iron head, pull broken shaft remains out in direction of grip;

2.  Bevel new shaft to parallel the sole of iron head;

3.  Smooth end of shaft with sand paper;

4.  Place ferrule on prepped shaft with epoxy;

5.  Prep shaft surface and epoxy into place (with bevelled shaft end correctly aligned with club head sole)

6.  Let shaft epoxy set for 24 hours;

7.  Epoxy bore-through head plug and tap into place;

8.  Buff/sand plug flush.

Am I essentially correct??

Thanks in advance for your input,

Emperor Norton II